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Save hundreds of euro

Our Cloud PBX solutions could save your business hundreds of euro.

Irish VoIP can deliver a full VoIP call service that leaves you in full control without the need to host a PBX. Simply configure your SIP phone or SIP client app on your mobile device and start making and receiving calls at the best rates.

Our plans come with all required services including Voicemail, International, Directory Enquiries, Emergency Calls, Premium Numbers and Instant Messaging.

You can get a brand new geographic number or you can move you exisitng landline to Irish VoIP.

We offer UK numbers on our PAYG service. This is ideal for businesses who want an easy way to introduce a UK presence for their business without having to actually locate in the UK. Rates are our standard PAYG rates.

You can cut hundreds of euro from your telecoms bills by signing up to one of our Cloud PBX solutions. Solutions start from just €30 per month and can supply all your office PBX needs. A cloud PBX offers all the fetaures or a traditonal office phone system without the investment in expensive equipment and maintenance.

A Cloud PBX uses the internet to transit calls via SIP so you have no dependency on traditional PSTN fixed line rental or the restrictions of phone lines for call volumes. Broadband is all that's required to run your phone system via a Cloud PBX. Large volumes of calls can be handled in parallel and your Cloud PBX can be expanded to meet growth needs as necessary.

We use the award winning and fully functional FreePBX so you will have all the features you need to run your office phone system.

When FreePBX is paired with our PAYG call system you can make and receive calls as normal from your office with full control of your costs.

We actively monitor all business Cloud PBX and their trunks/extensions and we are automatically alerted on discovery of an issue. Our monthly price comes with up to 10 managed service requests each month which means you dont need to do much except configure your phones with the settings we supply. Just supply some instructions to us in plain english and we will do the rest.

Some features of a Cloud PBX

  • route inbound calls from PSTN via SIP
  • route outbound calls over VoIP at great rates
  • create unlimited extensions
  • setup ring groups and queues for departments
  • have an IVR for customers to choose the destination of their call
  • full voicemail features including email attachments of voicemail
  • operate call center features like queue log on/off
  • time based routing for lunch and out of office
  • call recording features for employee management and customer satisfaction
  • control over call routing and employee call types
  • use different trunks for different calls and use pin numbers for more expensive calls
  • and much much more...
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We can provide Direct Inward Dial numbers (DID) for customers to route inbound calls towards our cloud PBX or your own cloud or local PBX. We supply DIDs for many different countries. Many DIDs can route to one or different PBX - ideal for businesses that operate in many countries.

We can also provide SIP trunking for outbound traffic with our without a DID. Set your own caller id and get the benefit of our competitive business rates.

We can supply you with IP phones that will be fully compatible with your Cloud PBX. We can even configure the phones for you before shipment if you wish. The Grandstream GXP1620 phone is an excellent value entry level business IP phone and has 2 phone lines to handle multiple calls.

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You can self manage your FreePBX setup through the very intuitive FreePBX GUI and log into the server through a terminal using SSH. You can also stop/start/reboot your PBX server from your "Account" area on our website. But if you do not know how to self manage or dont want the hassle each server includes our Bronze Managed Services package where we can implement your changes on your behalf at quick turnaround like new extensions, call routing, new trunks etc. We also only actively monitor our Managed Service servers in our Network Operations Centre. We can set threshold alerts for your PBX that relate to your business. We will then intervene and resolve any issues that may occur. Prices are listed below

Service Description Monthly (€)
Bronze Managed Service10 Requests Monthly. Included
Silver Managed Service30 Requests Monthly. 20
Gold Managed ServiceUnlimited Requests Monthly. 30
  • GRANDSTREAM DP715 DECT system (Base + Handset)

  • Bronze PBX

  • €30

  • Managed Solution We do it all!
  • 10 Managed Service Requests
  • 1 Static IP Address
  • 1GB Memory
  • 20GB Storage
  • Full FreePBX ISO in KVM Container
  • Estimated 25 Simultaneous Calls
  • Free and Quick Setup
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  • Gold PBX

  • €50

  • Managed Solution We do it all!
  • 10 Managed Service Requests
  • 1 Static IP Address
  • 4GB Memory
  • 40GB Storage
  • Full FreePBX ISO in KVM Container
  • Estimated 100 Simultaneous Calls
  • Free and Quick Setup
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