Wholesale Services

Supporting VoIP Service Providers

We can develop custom VoIP solutions just for you and your customers.

  • GRANDSTREAM DP715 DECT system (Base + Handset)
We have access to high quality SIP trunking with the very best termination rates available. We can also offer termination on Irish non geographic numbers and you can present your own caller id. Our SIP trunks are capable of huge traffic volumes and quality is of the highest grade.

We offer very competive rates for VoIP service providers and resellers. Our Cloud PBX are instantly provisioned and are ready to be configured for your customers as soon as payment is made. We can secure your PBX for you at the level you wish to apply. We can configure IP based geo lockdown for PBX that will be used in multiple sites. We can also offer full Cisco Firewall capability for site to site secure traffic routing. We are sure that you will not get a better price and service anywhere else. Contact us via the button above for further information.
We can provide a VoIP White Label business in a box solution. Whether its a Prepaid, Calling Card or Pay Monthly offer we can support your solution. We can provide you with API's to provision customers, topup balances, show call details and perform rating and billing. We use A2Billing and FreePBX to enable our solutions. Our solution can scale to tens of thousands of customers. We can also code a custom VoIP dialler that is branded for your business in Android and IOS formats and that will integrate with your VoIP solution that we provide. When used with our SIP trunking we can actually provide you the entire telecom solution. All you need to do is decide your rates and market the product. Please contact us with your requirements and we can quote you.
For our white label and managed service solutions we offer fully monitored servers with custom alert monitoring and intervention. For example our network operation centre can monitor when your server is receiving more calls than it can handle and alert our staff and you of the issue. We can then intervene and allocate more resources as required. We offer fully scalable solutions so we can grow your architecture to meet volume challenges.