Outage - 1st April 2020 3:55PM - RESOLVED

We have had a short outage on our core database infrastructure at 3:55pm to 4:05pm on April 1st 2020 resulting in loss of voice and website services. There service is now working an we are monitoring the situation

1st Apr 2020
Irish VoIP iOS App Retired

We have made the decision to retire the Irish VoIP iOS app. The level of development and support required meant that we were not able to offer the quality service we would like for this feature. The app has been removed from the App Store at our request. However, there is an excellent alternative option in Bria Mobile. We wholly recommend Bria ... Read More »

10th Mar 2020
FAQ Updates for Using your Number, SIP Trunk or DID with Asterisk/FreePBX

We have updated our FAQ's for using¬†your Number, SIP Trunk or DID with Asterisk/FreePBX As Asterisk/FreePBX don't handle DNS Srv very well we recommend you change the recommended settings below Using your Irish VoIP outbound/inbound number with ... Read More »

18th Feb 2020
Outage - 17th February 2020 10:50am - RESOLVED

We had an outage this am on Monday the 17th February between 10:50 and 11:30 am. Our database infrastructure had a full crash due to a software issue. This would have affected call services and our website infrastructure. The issue was resolved at around 11:20 with full services restored at 11:30. Apologies for any inconvenience ... Read More »

17th Feb 2020
Caller ID Issue - 3rd February 2020 - RESOLVED

There is currently an issue where Caller ID is not presenting on calls to some Irish destinations. We are working on this with our upstream partner.

Will update here when resolved.

****This issue was RESOLVED on 4th February 2020****

3rd Feb 2020
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) from September 14

We have recently upgraded our website to be compliant with new payments regulations coming into effect across the EU on September 14 2019. The new directive called PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) requires banks and payment providers to provide stricter authentication processes when processing payments.¬† The implementation of the directive ... Read More »

10th Sep 2019
Service Updates

We have recently upgraded our services. Please note the changes below We have added more resiliency with dual active fail over on our primary and secondary sip/registration servers You should review our settings pages below and update your settings to the recommended values for optimal service. If you do not update you could have issues in the ... Read More »

30th Aug 2019
New Setup Guide - Grandstream HT812

There is a new setup guide in our FAQ for the Grandstream HT812 Analog Telephone Adapter. This ATA is also on sale and available as an addon when you sign up for our full call services. An ATA allows you to use your existing phones with our VoIP/SIP compatible service.

Grandstream HT812 Setup Guide

16th Jun 2019
Irish VoIP Android App updated

We are delighted to announce that our Irish VoIP Android app has been updated and reactivated in the Google Play store. It now works with push messaging to activate the app when an inbound call has arrived. This enables efficient use of the battery and reduces battery drain. We will continue to work on adding more features over the coming ... Read More »

21st Apr 2019
Download your call history

You can now download the last 6 months of your outbound call history for call plans and sip trunks via the Call History page in your client area.

The file is on Excel CSV format with header descriptions for each column.

22nd Feb 2019