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Top reasons to use Irish VoIP for your business

We are known for great value, quality, reliability and exceptional customer service


Our primary focus is to deliver the best value without compromising quality

Our call costs, cloud PBX and inbound numbers are all market leading in price

Microsoft Teams

Calls to and from your Microsoft Teams users. Single remote working solution.

No other apps or phones needed. Option with our SIP Proxy addon


All our services are resilient and hosted with multiple cloud partners

Our services along with your PBX and phones are actively monitored


We offer a speedy a response to queries or change requests via our website

You can contact us via chat or a support ticket at any time


You can enable your office phone system with our end to end services

Or, plug in parts of our service to your existing infrastructure


Just tell us what you want in plain English and we will build your solution

You don't need any technical background. Just plug in the phones and make calls

Irish VoIP offer fully managed, flexible and great value business solutions

Move to the cloud and save thousands on expensive equipment and support contracts

Cloud PBX

from €30

monthly ex VAT

More info
  • Fully featured business Cloud PBX
  • Multiple extensions supported
  • Microsoft Teams with SIP Proxy
  • Voicemail incuding shared boxes
  • One PBX and use in multiple sites
  • Many desk phone options
  • Use with an app extension on the move
  • Use with a SIP Trunk for outbound calls
  • Multiple DIDs for routing inbound calls

SIP Proxy

from €30

monthly ex VAT

More info
  • Use with Existing or Irish VoIP PBX
  • Secure your PBX with private access
  • Microsoft Teams enabled
  • High volume of simultaneous calls
  • Remote Access for all staff
  • Fast Gigabit connectivity
  • Great value and fixed price
  • With PBX,Trunk & DIDs for full solution
  • Secured with TLS/SRTP


from €79

ex VAT

More Info
  • Advanced fully feautured Deskphones
  • DECT Wireless and WiFI phone options
  • Transfer calls between extensions
  • Voicemail incuding shared boxes
  • Phones can be anywhere with internet
  • Button glows for call on hold
  • Shortcut programmable buttons
  • Remotely managed through AutoDevice
  • Can be powered over ethernet

Inclusive Calls

from €20

monthly ex VAT

  • Inbound calls through DIDs
  • Outbound calls through SIP Trunk
  • Irish VoIP call plans also available
  • Move your current number to DID
  • Great value rates to the world
  • Inclusive minutes SIP Trunks available
  • Use with an app on the move
  • Premium / Lowcall calls incuded
  • Emergency calls incuded

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to Irish VoIP.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

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Businesses and offices require advanced phone features that are only offered by a PBX. For example, a welcome menu (Welcome to our business, press 1 for etc) or a call park where a receptionist can put a call on hold before trasferring to the receiving extension. Other common features are ring groups, conference groups and time conditions. Our cloud PBX support these features and many more. When you rent a cloud PBX you get your own server instance which is secure and private to your offices. Your inbound calls land with the PBX and from there rules can be set for what to do next - send to menu, ring group, receptionist etc. This level of feature set is not offered in a call plan where calls will be delivered directly to the registered phone.
A DID (Direct Inward Dial) number essentially enables routing for a number on the internet. It enables your received calls to route from the traditional PSTN phone system to VoIP when dialled. A traditional PSTN landline number can be ported to a VoIP DID. A SIP Trunk is the reverse for outbound, it allows you to make calls on the internet to any number whether VoIP or PSTN. They are often used together with a PBX and VoIP phones for a full business VoIP solution but a DID and SIP Trunk can both be used separately if your needs require.
It takes about a week to move your number and you dont lose service. It is important that you dont cancel your existing service until your number moves to Irish VoIP as this could result in the loss of your number.
No there is no contract. All our services are prepaid. You can cancel at any time or simply decide not to pay for the next period.
Both inbound DIDs and full inbound / outbound call plans work with a PBX. A call plan is more limited though as its just one inbound and outbound number, whereas, a single SIP trunk can be used to present multiple DID numbers and you can route each different DID to a different destination e.g. one main switch number and 10 direct dial extension numbers. On the other hand, for a small business a Call Plan can be used without a PBX directly with our servers with a few phones. Each phone will ring when a call comes in. Its more restrictive as you cant hold/transfer calls and there is no IVR but may be more suitable in certain circumstances.
All Irish and UK landline and mobiles are included. This is great value for calls to these destinations. For other destinations just maintain a topup balance on the SIP Trunk via your client area. Call rates for all out of bundle calls can be found here
We accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Paypal. We also accept bank transfer / standing orders for recurring payments.
Yes you can buy any individual service from us.
Yes, in your client area you can manage all aspects of your account. You can whitelist IPs for your SIP Trunk, download call history, topup your balance etc
Yes, we sell phone bundles with great discounts see here
Yes, we can do bundles of 20,000 minutes and 30,000 minutes per month as needed. Please contact us for information.
Calls made from Microsft Teams are routed to the SIP Proxy and are onward routed to the PBX for handling whether that is internal or external calls. External calls will be made by whatever routing you require e.g. they could route to your Outbound SIP Trunk sharing your company free minutes. Likewise calls from external numbers come to your PBX and are routed to PBX functions like extension follow-me, time-rules, ring groups, queues, IVR etc before onward routing to end user devices. These end users could be using Microsoft Teams and in this case the call will be passed to the Microsoft Teams app to answer the call whether thats on a computer or the mobile app. Both the Microsft Teams computer app and the mobile app will ring simultaneously if the end user is logged into both. This is ideal for users who are out and about.

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