Rate Changes

Due to increased wholesale costs, our retail rates below will change from the 19th November 2022

Ireland landline calls will change from 2c per minute to 3c per minute

Ireland mobile calls will change from 5c per minute to 6c per minute

Bundle pricing will not change


18th Nov 2022
Two Factor Authentication

We recommend Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect your account from unauthorised access

You can enable 2FA using a time based token app such as Google Authenticator via your client area in the Account->My Profile menu option.


6th Jul 2021
Website Update

We recently updated our website to maintain an excellent customer experience.

Please contact us if you are having any issues.

In parallel we updated our Terms and Conditions which apply from today February 7th 2021

7th Feb 2021
Setup guide for Microsip for Windows

We have recently added a setup guide for configuring Microsip for Windows. Microsip is our recommended client for use with Microsoft Windows based PCs.

See below

Setup Guide for Microsip for Windows

30th Jun 2020
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