We have recently upgraded our website to be compliant with new payments regulations coming into effect across the EU on September 14 2019. The new directive called PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) requires banks and payment providers to provide stricter authentication processes when processing payments.?

The implementation of the directive takes the form of mandatory 3D secure and similar second factor authentication mechanisms for customer initiated transactions. Apple Pay and Google Pay are examples of payment methods that use second factor alternatives to 3D secure. Approved merchant initiated transactions (like approved recurring payments) do not required repeat 3D Secure.

We use Stripe as our payment processor for credit and debit cards and we are fully compliant with Stripe's implementation of SCA. With the new process, you may find that even if you had a recurring payment model with us before that you need to authenticate a future transaction with 3D Secure.?

Along with SCA compliance you can now also save multiple credit cards for payment and choose the card of your choice for payment. Note we do not store any credit card details on irishvoip.com and work with Stripe through a tokenised model in full compliance with PCI.



Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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