We are delighted to announce that our SIP Proxy product is compatible with Microsoft Teams. This allows you to direct outbound calls made in Teams through your PBX and SIP Trunk and receive inbound calls in your Teams clients.

By adding a SIP Proxy to your business phone system setup you get all the advantages below

  • NEW: Microsoft Teams Enabled. Allows you to use your PBX for inbound and outbound calls with Microsoft Teams
  • Irish VoIP SIP Proxy with Microsoft Teams allows you to use the Teams app on computers or mobile devices as your phone endpoints.
  • Can be used as fixed access point for other non-Teams mobile apps 
  • Can also be used to securely proxy all traffic to and from your PBX from office desk phones enabling your PBX to be locked down securely and privately
  • SIP Proxy will be setup with TLS/SRTP secure access only with secure Letsencrypt certificate with auto renew
  • Built with Kamailio and RTPEngine carrier grade technology
  • Built in security filtering of unwanted traffic and authorisation attempts
  • We setup and monitor everything - you just use
  • This is a complex setup but made very simple for you and your business
  • Can be used with any SIP compliant PBX software like Asterisk or Freepbx
  • No Irish VoIP PBX Purchase Required but we can supply a full solution for your business integrating with Microsoft Teams if required

Note a Microsoft Teams solution requires some extra Microsoft licences and some configuration as below

  • Your business will need a Phone System licence for your Office 365 account with Microsoft (this is purchased as a licence add-on from Microsoft - its included by default with Office 365 E5 level accounts)
  • Your SIP Proxy gets setup in Microsoft Teams Admin as a Session Border Controller
  • A subdomain matching your business domain in Microsoft is required e.g sbc.yourdomain.com. 
  • Direct Routing and some Dial Plan configuration needs to be enabled in Microsoft Teams Admin to use your PBX for inbound and outbound calls
  • Each Microsoft Teams end user needs a direct dial number (which we can supply) which then needs to be setup on the users account in Microsoft Office 365 Teams admin
  • Routing for these direct dial numbers is configured to route to your PBX availing of the benefits of PBX rules e.g. extension follow-me, queues, time conditions etc and onward to  Microsoft Teams through the SIP Proxy
  • Above steps will need help from whoever manages your IT/Microsoft setup as we wont have access to your Microsoft account. We can advise the changes needed and support via a shared screen with your IT support as needed.

Please contact us if you wish to enable your PBX with Microsoft Teams or order here


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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