Grandstream HT812 Setup Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: In step 10, please use UDP instead of TLS for the moment as SIP Transport

1.Plug in your phone to phone port 1 and your broadband router to the ethernet port of the HT812 (one with the globe logo).
2. Power up the HT812.
3. Dial *** on your phone. You will get a voice menu. Dial 02 to hear the IP address of the HT812 allocated by your router
4. Enter this IP address in a web browser of a computer on the same network and you should get the screen below

5. Default password is admin. Enter this and click login

6. On the Basic Settings screen below change the timezone to GMT. Apply the settings but wait to reboot until later.

Basic Settings 

7. Go to the Advanced Settings page and change your settings to match below. Note it is important the Stun Server and Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning values match.

Advanced Settings

8. Click on Apply and then click reboot to perform a check and update if needed
9. Log back in again via the same IP address once an upgrade has finished if one was needed.
10. Go to Profile 1 tab and change the settings as per the screenshot below.  Note there are quite a few settings on this screen that should be changed so please read carefully. 

Profile 1

11. Put your phone number and password into the FX Ports page as below. There is a row for each port at the back of the box as you could run two phones and two accounts from the HT812. 

FX Ports

12. Click apply and do an optional reboot to make sure all settings have take affect. You should now be able to make and receive calls with Irish VoIP via your Grandstream HT812.

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