Sample Solution for Medium Sized Office

Scenario below is hypothetical to give an idea of a potential solution provided by Irish VoIP to meet your business needs. Solutions are totally configurable to your specific needs and we recommend you get in touch with Irish VoIP for a specific quotation as needed.

Type of Business

  • Office based business with 10 staff located in office plus a receptionist

Business Attributes

  • Multiple inbound calls in parallel to a single phone number 
  • 4,000 minutes outbound calls per month to Irish and UK landlines and mobiles
  • 8 fixed desk extensions and a warehouse with a need for 2 flexible extensions
  • Receptionist who directs calls to extensions or departments
  • Fixed office opening hours

Proposed Solution Components

  • Cloud PBX 
  • DID for inbound calls with 10 channels
  • SIP Trunk for outbound calls with 5,000 monthly minutes included to Irish and UK mobiles/landlines
  • 8 x Grandstream GRP2613 SIP Deskphones for fixed desk locations
  • 1 x Grandstream DP752 SIP DECT Base Station with 2 x Grandstream DP722 SIP DECT Handsets for warehouse
  • 1 x Grandstream GRP2615 SIP Deskphone with Grandstream GBX20 Addon for receptionist phone

Cloud PBX Configuration

  • Cloud PBX is setup in a dedicated virtual server which is secured and private to your business alone
  • 11 Extensions configured from 101 (reception) to 112 for each location. Personal voicemail at each extension with reception voicemail the primary destination for external calls.
  • Ring Groups configured for departments e.g. 203 directs to accounts extensions 103 and 104
  • IVR configured with time rules to automatically route to receptionist or play closed office messages "We are closed for lunch" or "Our opening hours are x to y. Please call back or leave a message." depending on business needs. All voice messages are configurable and can be recorded by you and applied to the system.
  • DID configured to route inbound calls to IVR / Time Rules decision tree.
  • SIP Trunk configured to route all outbound calls presenting the DID number as caller ID
  • Direct extension or ring group dialling possible

Phones Configuration

  • Phones are automatically configured with extension settings as part of the Irish VoIP Autodevice system
  • Phones will have shortcut keys added as needed to each phone e.g. Reception or Accounts or Mobile speed dials
  • Envelope button on phone configured for shortcut to voicemail
  • Hold and transfer buttons on phones fully functional
  • Call Park shortcut button added. Allows callee to place a call on hold at PBX level as opposed to locally on phone. All other phones can see on their phone that call is Parked via button colour and can pick up if instructed.
  • Reception phone with GBX20 configured with monitored BLF buttons for every extension so reception is aware if extension is busy or not before easily transferring call by just pressing the extension button while on the call.
  • Desk phones can be powered using Power over Ethernet to avoid having separate phone power supplies though each phone does ship with a power supply.


  • All services configured and managed by Irish VoIP remotely so no local technical expertise or support needed
  • All configuration is flexible and can be tweaked to your needs. Above is just a sample to give an understanding of capability
  • Unlimited extensions possible including remote extensions using an app if necessary
  • All that is required at the office/site is decent broadband. Recommended > 10 Mbps.
  • A network connection to the internet via your LAN required at each phone / base station location.
  • A single network connection for a computer can be shared with a phone through the phone dual network ports.
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