What are the requirements to use VoIP?

To use VoIP to make cheap or free calls there a few pre-requisite requirements

  1. An internet connection. Broadband or Mobile Broadband is recommended. All calls are transferred as data over the internet instead of over the phone line as regular calls.
  2. A VoIP compatible device or software. Irish VoIP uses the SIP standard for its services. There are a few different ways to make calls.
    • A SIP phone - this can be a desktop phone or a DECT SIP phone. They look very like normal phones except the connectivity is over an IP connection to the internet. Normally this is achieved via a network cable instead of a phone line connection. Some devices also allow the use of WiFI for connectivity.
    • An Analog Telephone Adapter device (ATA) - This device acts as a bridge between regular phone devices and the IP network. Normally you plug in both the network cable and the phone line connection. Calls can be made and received over both VoIP and regular PSTN Phone with these devices. They can be configured in many different ways and allow you to use your existing DECT phones with VoIP if you wish.
    • A software based SIP application - this can be an app for Android or Apple or a desktop based application for Windows. These phone or computer based applications offer the ability to make and receive VoIP phone calls without purchasing additional hardware.
  3. An account with a VoIP services provider - VoIP requires a server to enable registration and to transfer calls to other VoIP users or regular phone numbers. Irish VoIP provides a full service where free calls can be made to other Irish VoIP customers or calls to regular phone numbers can be made at very low rates when you top up.

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