Settings for Irish VoIP

Irish VoIP settings are simple for most client devices

USERNAME= Your number in full format like 35311234567 
PASSWORD= SIP Secret / Password supplied on signup which can be changed in your account area
STUN (optional if you find you are having issues with one way or no audio)
VOICEMAIL=171 (optional for shortcut button on phone if available)

Irish VoIP uses DNS SRV to direct to our SIP server and port so you do not have to specify a port. We have failover servers in case of issues with one or more SIP Servers. If your client has a setting to "USE DNS SRV" then please switch it on with the above settings.

This is all you should need to set on your phone, app or desktop SIP client to use Irish VoIP

ONLY If your client does not support DNS SRV then then please try the settings below

Primary SIP Server:
Secondary SIP Server:
Ports: 5060 for UDP/TCP or 5061 for TLS
Alternate Ports: 5099 for UDP/TCP and 5098 for TLS (can be used if your mobile operator blocks 5060/5061)

Please ensure you prefer the Primary Server in your settings if you have such a setting as the primary server should be used to make and receive calls unless it is offline.

If you wish to use your number with FreePBX then please follow the instructions below. FreePBX also supports DNS SRV for registration.
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